Our Coaches

Each of our coaches has unique qualities and gifts, that when coupled with their extensive training, life experiences and wisdom, sets them apart. Choose the coach who best resonates with you!  You will be glad you did!

Alida Morrill

Allen ,TX

Alida has studied The One Command© (Certified The One Command® Circle Leader and Practitioner), Access Consciousness,  and the many energy centers of the body and how to keep them in balance.

Her clients are individuals of all ages, businesses, and teams.  She has something to give to everyone with an open mind…and a need.

Missy Bollengier

Santa Cruz, CA

Missy works with all ages and has a true passion to help others.  With her calm and easy-going nature, she finds it easy to stay connected to her clients.  Missy is currently offering home visits, studio and remote energy clearings and energy coaching sessions.  She is also available for group sessions and caters to the specific needs of the group.  Missy is dedicated to helping people identify what energies are holding them back; causing an imbalance in their energetic body or in their life.

Balance Your Life Certified Coaches are currently available in Texas and California.  We work in person and over the phone!

Phone: 214-504-8008

Allen, Texas