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Each of our coaches has unique qualities and gifts, that when coupled with their extensive training, life experiences and wisdom, sets them apart. Choose the coach who best resonates with you!  You will be glad you did!

Alida Morrill

Alida Morrill


Alida was born in Berkeley, CA and has been living in Texas since 1976.  She currently resides in Allen, a suburb of Dallas.  She has three grown children and six grandchildren and feels a strong connection to family.  Her four brothers and their families live in CA…which creates the opportunity for at least one Family Reunion each year.  Favorite location?  Yosemite for backpacking and camping!

Alida is retired from corporate America after almost 40 years working in a variety of management positions in Information Technology and Sales.  In spring 2010 she was guided to start Balance Your Life… a business to share her gift of helping individuals balance the energy that influences their lives.  With her calm and easy going nature, excellent listening skills, connection to healthy living and her passion to help others… she is now working to help individuals reach their greatest potential with their highest and best good in mind.

Alida has studied The One Command© (Certified The One Command® Circle Leader and Practitioner), Access Consciousness,  and the many energy centers of the body and how to keep them in balance.

Her clients are individuals of all ages, businesses, and teams.  She has something to give to everyone with an open mind…and a need.  Typically that need is a personal project, business dilemma, or a condition or transition in their personal life.  This can appear as a boulder in the way…something that they can’t quite get over or around to allow them to be who they want to be…or do what they want to do.  The issues are typically one or several of the following categories:  Relationships, money, illness, weight loss, public speaking, procrastination or confusion.

The coaching that Alida provides is not therapy or counseling, is it not advice, consulting or mentoring.  It is a process of self-discovery wherein you yourself find the solutions to what is holding you back.

Phone: 214-504-8008

Allen, Texas