Happy Clients

“I have worked with Alida many times over the course of the past year. She has not only helped me heal some deep-rooted emotions but has also taught me how to manifest my own happiness and desires. I consult with Alida one on one and have also taken her One Command Course. The work she does is by far the best. I cherish her as a professional and also as a friend”

Leslie Steinberg

“Working with Alida has been an incredible gift. She has helped me see my own power, release old patterns and belief systems no longer serving me, cleared the dark energy, and helped me grow in my own healing gifts

Lindsay Edelman

Alida has tremendous gifts for which I am so grateful! In the aftermath of my stepson’s passing, Alida has given me valuable guidance, abiding hope, and healing”

Shannon Garcia

“Alida Morrill became a mentor to me 11 years ago, shortly after I completed her “Course In Awareness”This course was like an awakening for me… an awakening to myself, and also an introduction to new possibilities for how I could thrive in life with joy & ease. Following this class, I took full advantage of Alida’s energy coaching to assist me in getting free from all the judgments, programming, and belief systems that didn’t serve me anymore and were blocking me from being all of me.  She coached me through relationships in family, marriage, and business, among other things. Through her classes and regular coaching, she generously taught me all the tools that she uses to help others.  These tools have allowed me to do for myself, what I once relied on someone else to help me with.  Because of the beautiful way she, her coaching and her classes have empowered me; I am happy to say that for many years now it has been a rare occurrence I require Alida’s help. I am also happy to say that if and when I find myself stuck in a limited belief or a situation that I can’t see my way through, she is my go-to coach. When I work with her, I always get instant clarity and a renewed sense of what is right for me, what I would like to choose, or the situation simply seems to resolve itself magically!  I am beyond grateful for her, her priceless energy coaching, and the tools she has helped me to master in my own life.  My life is full of joy, and I know I am the source of my life – able to create the life I desire with ease!  Thank you Alida!”
Donna Hildebrand

I was introduced to Alida through a medical intuitive to help resolve a dietary/dermatological challenge only to discover the complexity of the spiritual and energetic factors that were contributing to my body’s reaction to trigger foods. Alida’s gifts and our work together has been transformative as I grow holistically – mind, body, soul, spirit, heart and world to achieve love, peace, happiness and prosperity. Alida has helped me to clear attachments, understand the inner workings of spirits and energy while helping those connected to me in this lifetime. I am more focused, empowered and confident as I continue to grow spiritually. Thank you Alida for your love and guidance.

Linda DaSilva

“Alida has been life changing for our family. She is always ready to help with on-going issues and never tires of digging deeper and helping us resolve issues. She is very creative at finding solutions that really protect us from all the dark and negative energy out there. She is easy to get an appointment with. I love that she is TOTALLY led by God and is humble enough to give Him all the credit for her work and the wonderful outcomes.

I also love that whatever I say she does not judge and is willing to take the time to listen. I highly recommend the One-Command Class! I gathered a deeper understanding of the One-Command through that class. The meditation is amazing!

June Walker

“Alida’s gift is truly indescribable… I was recommended to Alida from a friend for a wave of anxiousness I kept having in 2018- when my friend described her, I wasn’t really sure what to think but I had an open mind… my time with her was amazing! It was focused on empowering me, my abilities, and my discernment. She helped me navigate through paths I had not been down before, strengthening my natural abilities and allowing me to discover how I could protect myself from further “episodes of anxiousness”. I have seen her multiple times since and each time is a new discovery and increase in my spiritual awareness and my relationship with the Lord. No matter what spirituality, struggle, or situation- I would highly recommend Alida”

Heather Kugler

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Allen, Texas