Balance Your Life... and Live It


Our Philosophy

Our guiding belief is in the power of self-awareness.  Self-awareness is the fuel for personal growth, allowing our clients to make positive changes, find their career happiness, and create their best life.


Typically done over the phone where we hear a short version of the client’s “story”…and determine if we can help.  There is no charge, and only takes 10-15 minutes.

Private Consultations

One to 1½ hour sessions…in person or over the phone.

Monthly Retainer Program

For a nominal monthly charge…secure up to an hour of energy consulting work each month to keep your energy in optimum balance and at peak performing levels.

On the Go Support

With a retainer on your account…get quick answers to questions, receive guidance or experience clearings via Text Message.  We work against the clients’ retainer to provide support “On the Go” with same day answers.

What Is Made Possible?


Many times the anger someone feels and acts upon doesn’t even belong to them!  Empathic people are especially prone to this happening in their lives.  Removing this fear brings about immediate relief …then learning a new way of thinking ensures that is doesn’t come back.


Be it work stresses like a career change, the need to make cold calls or presentations, or meeting financial sales goals or perhaps personal stresses that just keep getting in the way.  Life is supposed to be easy!  And it is possible!


One of the most inhibiting feelings, it is paralyzing.  How beautiful it is to conquer and get past our fears…living the life we have dreamed about living.  Is it worth one, two or at most three hours of your time to accomplish this?


Not forgiving ourselves or others can block the manifestation of our desires.  These blocks can impact many areas of our life, like weight-loss, money needs, relationships with unconditional love, or even general happiness.  Life is so much better when we forgive and move on.  Our processes allow this to happen easily and quickly.

Mood Change Swings…

An example is a child with excessive, instantaneous mood changes.  It is amazing what non-beneficial energy is hanging around in places like stores, restaurants, theme parks, hospitals, etc.  Children can so easily pick up this non-beneficial energy…and let it impact their well-being.  Keeping ourselves well-grounded and balanced will significantly reduce the occurrences.

What our clients are saying…

“I have worked with Alida many times over the course of the past year. She has not only helped me heal some deep-rooted emotions but has also taught me how to manifest my own happiness and desires. I consult with Alida one on one and have also taken her One Command Course. The work she does is by far the best. I cherish her as a professional and also as a friend”

Leslie Steinberg

“Working with Alida has been an incredible gift. She has helped me see my own power, release old patterns and belief systems no longer serving me, cleared the dark energy, and helped me grow in my own healing gifts

Lindsay Edelman

Alida has tremendous gifts for which I am so grateful! In the aftermath of my stepson’s passing, Alida has given me valuable guidance, abiding hope, and healing”

Shannon Garcia

Phone: 214-504-8008

Allen, Texas