A Course In Awareness

An Introduction to Possibilities

An Introduction to Possibilities is the first class in A Course in Awareness (ACiA).  Taking this class will empower you with Simple Life-Changing Tools that will create the perfect foundation before taking the four Fundamentals classes in A Course in Awareness (ACiA).  The new tools will help you:

  • Make Positive Progress in your Life
  • Allow you to Stay Organized
  • Reduce the impact of Stinking Thinking

In this class, you will enjoy The One Command Circle® class and learn the amazing tool The One Command ® by Asara Lovejoy.  Additionally, the class covers the following topics:  Setting Intention, Grounding, What is Truth?, Journaling, New Habits, and Organization Techniques.  The class is interactive, life changing and fun!

Phone: 214-504-8008

Allen, Texas