Before my session with Alida I was in the shadow of a cloud I didn't understand and couldn't manage. After my session with Alida my spirit resonnated with a sense of peace and clarity that brought me comfort and serenity. I continue to contact Alida for my personal management and will be attending her classes.

Patrice Wheeler

Alida is amazing! It is incredible to watch Alida become so in tune with a situation that she can pin point an issue that we never thought about and would tell us how it is hindering production in the office.

Once Alida did her “magic”, the phone immediately started ringing and we had 3 new jobs on the calendar within 15 minutes! She taught us how to keep the negative vibes out of the office and it has been smooth sailing ever since!

I highly recommend Alida to help you get grounded, centered and balanced in your daily life. I highly recommend that you use the techniques that she will show you to reach for a higher understanding of how you can bring blessings and success in your daily live.

Thank you!

Kent & Amy Patterson
Energy Attic

Alida has been guiding and coaching me for quite some time now. She helps keep me grounded, clear, balanced and uplifted. I will share one story with you (I have several) of how amazing Alida is: I called her one morning I was feeling scattered and down I had a show to do that evening and my hostess called me to tell me she only had 4 guests. Alida cleared my Chakra's and grounded me, then coached me through a One Command helping me set the intention on what I wanted to achieve that evening. I wanted at least one booking of another show and I was clear on what sales figure I wanted the show to end on. That night more people attended the show than anticipated, my sales hit the number I wanted to achieve and I got two bookings! Every time I ask Alida to coach me, the manifestation is instant.

I don't know what I would do without her… She also coaches my family.

Fay Coppersmith
Personal Fashion Stylist