Missy Bollengier Biography

Missy Bollengier Energy CoachMissy Bollengier was born and raised in Alamo and currently resides in Danville, both suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area. She has 4 children ages 13,15, 17 and 19. With her calm and easy going nature she finds it easy to stay connected to her children and enjoys working with all ages and has a true passion to help others. Missy does not offer therapy or counseling, but with her open mind and years of experience, she is currently teaching yoga and coaching families. Missy is now dedicated to helping people with clearing non-beneficial energy to find balance with simple tools to issues that come up during life . Missy studied in Santa Barbara, CA and received her degree in Early Childhood Education. She is a certified 200 hr Yoga teacher and is a Balance Your Life Certified Energy Coach.

She also enjoys running her Organic Cottage meal service.