Staci Wright Biography

Staci Wright Energy CoachResiding in Pottsboro, TX, Staci enjoys reading and gardening when not chauffeuring, mothering and mentoring her two very active daughters.

Staci has a heart to help, encourage and befriend folks of all ages, socio-economic stations and ethnic groups.  She began this path in her early twenties when she became one of the leading enrollers (salespeople) for Secure Horizons a seniors Medicare Supplement group.  Although only 20 years old she became one of the leading representatives with all the perks and accolades one of which was a trip to Hawaii.

The years following that experience have included owning and operating her own insurance agency serving the Native American community and their Casino enterprises.  For the past 11 years she has not only been a co-owner of a large manufacturing/distribution company but has served as the CFO helping navigate her company through some troubled times and correspondingly great growth times as well.

Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, along with struggling with the feelings and urgings that life had to be more than dollars and cents and a healthy bottom line, Staci set out on a path of self-discovery.  This amazing journey lead her to discover the concepts, realities and benefits of balanced energy within the human physical, mental and emotional make-up.

This discovery began to permeate every fiber of her being affecting in positive ways all her relationships, business dealings and especially her inner peace.  A new yearning was born through this passage of life and that was a burning desire to help others experience this life changing balance of energy. A knowing that with this discovery the results would enable others to create the life they had always longed for, only served to fuel her aspirations further.

Her journey is now being enhanced by joining forces with Balance Your Life© and together they will be working to achieve the greatest potential and the greatest good for a greatest number of seeking individuals.

She is now working with others to help them achieve their greatest potential possible through energy coaching.